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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a healthy way to relieve stress, relax muscles, soothe aches and pains, and rest your mind. By restoring your body and being, it rejuvenates you.

I believe that everyone can benefit from a great customized massage and my focus is to create a wonderful, customized experience for you.  The time you spend with me, is your time & I want us to work together to help your body through the healing process. Each massage is customized depending upon your individual needs at each appointment.

About Your Massage Therapist, Monica Jung​

As a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist licensed in South Carolina & graduate of the Charleston School of Massage, I have been practicing massage since 2006.

I have a genuine passion for Massage Therapy and find it vastly rewarding to help my client’s body through the healing process. I like to provide a relaxing environment through both movement and natural sounds, which are essential elements of healing. I truly believe that total body wellness transpires when you are aware of your own body and its magnificent precision.


 “I really enjoyed my massage with Monica. I walked out of there feeling super relaxed. That’s when you know you had a good massage. Monica is a great therapist. She worked on my upper back, shoulders and neck so well. I was so tense there and she was able to remove all my knots and stress. I’m looking forward to going back to her. I would definitely recommend her.”

— Rochna, Yelp Review

“Monica has a passion for massage. She clearly was born to be a massage therapist and excels in her abilities to work out tension, knots, and stress while making your experience so relaxing. Try the 90 minute massage! She’ll have to peel you off her table!”

— Lori, Yelp Review

I had an appointment with Monica and told her about the issues I was having with my back and hip. After listening closely to my complaints Monica began to work her magic! She expertly worked on the area of distress and was able to identify and soothe the troublesome discomfort. Monica’s expertise is quite amazing and I say this with having been to other massage therapists who have never been as thorough and knowledgeable as Monica. Many of us recognize the benefits of deep tissue massage and Monica has made a new woman out of me! 

— Linda, Yelp Review

I’ve been seeing Monica for almost a decade now, and even though I don’t live in Charleston anymore, I try to see her every time I visit Charleston. She has helped heal my body through her knowledge of anatomy and her intuitive ability to know exactly what my body needs. I’ve visited massage therapists all over the world, and she is easily one of the best I’ve ever met. She actually helped my mother (who was terrified of massage) learn to appreciate the healing arts… and my mom still talks about how Monica is the best. I call her my Body Wizard because she truly is a master of her art!

— Angela, Yelp Review



30 minute massage     $60
60 minute massage     $120
90 minute massage     $160